Scripts and Talking Points

The following scripts and talking points are designed to assist members of the GW community in supporting a Smoke-Free GW.

Script 1:

Situation: You see a person smoking near a GW building.

Response: “Hi, my name is _______, and I am an (employee, student) here at GW. I want to make you aware that we are now a smoke‐free campus…meaning that smoking is prohibited on GWgrounds. GW went smoke-free on August 1st. Thank you.”

Script 2:

Situation: A person asks you, “Where am I allowed to smoke?”

Response: “Smoking is prohibited on university property including inside buildings and on university grounds. If you feel the need to smoke, you will need to move to a location that is not near any campus building or on any campus plazas. A map of the smoke-free campus is available at”

Mount Vernon Campus: As part of our policy implementation, there are a limited number of designated temporary smoking areas.  Please use the Smoke-Free GW Mount Vernon Map as a reference.

Script 3:

Situation: You are communicating with a new student, new employee or outside vendor or contractor.

Response: "I'd like to let you know in advance that GW is a Smoke‐free environment as of August 1, 2013. We respectfully ask that you (or your organization) refrain from smoking on our property, grounds, or parking areas. We have faculty, staff, and students who are trying to quit using tobacco and want to create an environment that will help them in their efforts. Thank you.”

Talking Points

  • Smoke-Free GW is about making our university more healthy and accessible for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • The air will be healthier for everybody who comes to campus to learn or work.

  • A no-smoking rule is not a “no-smoker rule.” We are not judging or excluding people who choose to smoke; we’re just asking them not to smoke on the campus where it can impact others.

  • If a GW student, faculty or staff member is ready to quit, free resources including patch and gum are available for more information please go to our smoking cessation page or call 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE.

  • This policy is part of broader institutional efforts to create a campus culture of mutual respect, wellness and sustainability



yellow dot

Showing your support of a Smoke-Free GW and painting the internet yellow sends a powerful message-that students, faculty, staff and community members are standing up to make a GW a healthier place to learn, work and live. 

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