Supporting a Smoke-Free GW

The Smoke-Free policy is part of our ongoing effort to create a healthy and sustainable environment for all members of our campus community.  Communication of the Smoke-Free GW policy is the responsibility of the entire community. GW expects all members of the community to be respectful and courteous when approaching someone smoking on campus. If the person becomes agitated or hostile, please do not escalate the situation. Simply walk away. 

Communicating Smoke-Free GW

Show You Care

Let a friend or colleague know that you care by sending them an e-mail with them information on GW's Quit for Life smoking cessation program.

Quit For Life Program

Interested in quitting smoking? The Quit For Life® Program is available to all students, faculty, and staff, as well as spouses, and their adult dependents age 18 and older. The university is covering the cost of the program and nicotine replacement therapy, including the patch or gum.